Whether you call it art scanning, copy photography, or digitizing your art, we will provide you with the highest quality color corrected files in the industry.

Using the most advanced digital and photographic techniques available we can provide you with accurate representations of your art for print or the web. We have tackled some of the most challenging assignments and pride ourselves with having a long list of satisfied clients. Currently we are shooting with a Betterlight Super 6k and a Phase One P40+. Each file is profiled in house and combined with our digital output department so you are assured of color reproductions that you will be proud of.

Our custom studio is organized and professionally laid out to provide a safe storage environment for your precious art. We handle hundreds of pieces of art each month and take great care in safely storing your work. Our studio was built specifically to photograph art. Feel free to ask us for a tour of our shooting facility. We are sure you will be impressed.

As a professional artist having accurate captures of your work is essential to promoting your career. Recording your work will keep you organized and on top of your business. You never know what the future brings so having records of all your work will only enhance your chances of success in this competitive field. Artist portfolios are an integral method of displaying an artist’s spectrum of visual work. Your portfolio contains important information that is instrumental in the evaluations and reviews given by art professionals, such as art dealers and institutional curators as well as art collectors. It is through your portfolio that future projects and opportunities will be granted based on your artistic skills . It only stands to reason that having the best reproduction of your art will only enhance your chances for success.

Don’t be intimidated by our production facility. If there is anything you are not sure about or interested in knowing more about, we will be happy to answer any questions. We are here to serve your needs.

Digital Price Capture List

A digital capture includes a high resolution tiff file and a low resolution jpg both at 300dpi. You can order your files to be burned on a disc or sent to your e-mail via Hightail. It is $10 to have both options and/or for each additional disc.


  • 50MB $30
  • 75MB $37.50
  • 100MB $50
  • 150MB $75
  • 200MB $100

Please contact us to inquire about retouching fees and/or any additional digitizing needs not listed here.